Ailo’s Journey (2018)

Ailo’s Journey chronicles the first year of life of a newborn reindeer born too early, in the wilderness in the heart of winter. The film features a number of animal characters, but the wilderness itself is a character in the story. Ailo’s Journey had to take place in Lapland. The landscape changes so fast with the season, with such a wide range of coloring, like a character putting on different clothes.

Among other locations, the production took place in the magical scenery of Riisitunturi National Park in Finnish Lapland, with its iconic snow “sculptures,” the fellside trees covered in fluffy snow. The landscape makes you feel like you’re in a dream, waiting for Santa Claus or a troll or other strange creature to appear. In the film, Riisitunturi is Ailo’s dream.

Production notes

  • Orig. title: Ailo – Pienen poron suuri seikkailu
  • Language: Finnish
  • Subtitles: N/A
  • Distribution: Nordisk Film
  • Print source: Nordisk Film
  • Cinematography: Daniel Meyer, Teemu Liakka
  • Editing: Laurence Buchmann
  • Music: Julien Jaouen, Panu Aaltio
  • Sound: Juha Hakanen
  • Production design: