Absolute Denial (2021)

A hand drawn Frankenstein-style story from the age of Artificial Intelligence, it blends the Twilight Zone spirit of 1960s science-fiction with the paranoia of classic B-movie film noir.

Allan Hunter, Screen Daily

“This film started out as a very personal, passion project. Due to the pandemic and lockdowns, I was then able to focus on the intricate hand-drawing – over 30,000 frames of animation! The film is not only a celebration of animation but also of what can be created remotely and in adverse circumstances.”

Ryan Braund (writer-director-producer), Deadline.com

  • Language: English
  • Distribution: SC Films International
  • Editing: Tom Braund, Ryan Braund
  • Music: Troy Russell
  • Sound: Ryan Braund, Jeremy J. Smith-Sebasto