A Year Full of Drama (2019)

A very unique job opportunity arises to the people of Estonia. The job is to watch and review over 200 theater productions across all of Estonia in one year. The catch: they are looking for someone who has never been to the theater before; a clean slate to give a voice to the everyman. Enter 22-year-old Alissiya. … She gets the job and is taken a whirlwind adventure across the country, documenting and immersing herself in a world she knows nothing about.
Part travelogue, part exploration of Estonian theater culture, and part personal journey of self-discovery for Alissiya, director Marta Pulk packs so much into this documentary. … We witness as Alissiya goes from struggling to comprehend what is happening on stage to being deeply moved and being brought to tears when even talking about a play she loved.
As the film progresses, it becomes less about the experiment and more about Alissiya’s personal life. She is such a kind soul and is so honest and open with the filmmakers about the struggles in her life. … There is a real sense of growth in Alissiya and how this experience changed not only her perceptions of theater, but her life as a whole.
Sean Coates, Movie Babble

  • Orig. title: Aasta täis draamat
  • Language: Russian, Estonian
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Kinoteater
  • Cinematography: Aivo Rannik
  • Editing: Hendrik Mägar
  • Music: Jakob Juhkam
  • Sound: Tanel Kadalipp