A Paris Education (2018)

A mélange between [Philippe] Garrel’s Regular Lovers (with which it shares a gorgeous black and white cinematography, courtesy of DP Pierre-Hubert Martin) and Mia Hansen-Løve’s Eden (of which it echoes the same affection for deranged, self-destructive loners), [writer-director Jean-Paul Civeyrac’s cinephile coming-of-age story] A Paris Education follows the solipsistic journeys of a few film students whose only real concern in life seem to be whether or not they’ll ever join the ranks of the auteurs they binge-watch before reality catches up with their dreams. […] [W]hile A Paris Education is on its surface an unmistakably narcissistic Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man, it is also a subtle critique of the toxic self-importance that makes that image possible.

But even when the critique feels most explicit, the camera retains the nostalgic and endearing gaze of a movie lover resuscitating a ’60s arthouse-bubble. Watching Etienne and his mates pursue their dreams with fiery passion in the face of uncertainties and chronic loneliness, memory jolts back to the great players in the French masterworks these youngsters quote from. […] A Paris Education is a wonderfully anachronistic homage to a timeless, New Wave-style world filled with cinephiles, lovers, and great films. It’s a universe as self-centered as it is endlessly fascinating.

Leonardo Goi, The Film Stage

  • Orig. title: Mes provinciales
  • Language: French
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Les Films du Losange
  • Cinematography: Pierre-Hubert Martin
  • Editing: Louise Narboni