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15 emerging scriptwriters, or pen unicorns like we like to call them, are working away in Herttoniemi in Helsinki, typing away in the classic Courier New font to create scripts for fresh and frivolous new short films. This week 23.–29.9.2013 in the capital of Finland, the Rise of Euphoria International Scriptwriting and Film Production Workshop has brought together Finnish and international scriptwriting talents.
The writers are receiving tutoring from NISI MASA’s Head of Script Department Wim Vanacker, Torino Film Lab’s Zsuzsanna Kiràly, and the acclaimed Finnish screenwriter Jukka Asikainen who help the writers to reach a content-rich, interesting and original scripts.

In just three days, stories involving everything from Elvis impersonators, a birthday crisis and apartment hunting to jewelry smugglers and a love-seat in a bus are being shaped into scripts for 5-minute short films. The scripts will then be handed over to 15 directors who will create these films in 3 and half days. The end results will be screened at the end of the week in the Love & Anarchy Helsinki International Film Festival.

Collaboration, co-operation and sincere team spirit are the keys of this workshop. Like one of the participating scriptwriters, Marijana Cosic put it: “When we were doing group sessions, it was amazing how we could enter the stories others had created, and bring our own input into them through questions and suggestions.”

Rise of Euphoria is organized by Euphoria Borealis ry and NISI MASA European Network of Young Cinema in collaboration with Love & Anarchy Helsinki International Film Festival.