The Love & Anarchy Afterglow Screenings

This year, the festival fever doesn’t end after 11 days, as the Love & Anarchy experience continues in the festival’s Afterglow Screenings, which begin right after the festival ends. The Afterglow Screenings will take place in Cinema Orion, Kino Tapiola and Korjaamo Kino Elokuvasali in the weeks following the festival. Tickets to the Afterglow Screenings are available on our website now!

The cinemas’ own hygiene and safety regulations will be followed in the Afterglow Screenings. More information on them can be found on the cinemas’ own websites (Cinema Orion, Kino Tapiola (in Finnish only), Korjaamo Kino).

The Afterglow Screenings

Cinema Orion 

Kino Tapiola

Korjaamo Kino Elokuvasali