Abdallah Musa (Dallas Boy)

The main character of the documentary film For Kibera!, Abdallah Musa, also known as Boy Dallas, was born and raised in the district of Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya. The population growth has made Kibera a rough and violent place to live. After his studies Boy Dallas got interested in filming. He started filming weddings and family parties, as well as… Read Abdallah Musa (Dallas Boy) »

Land of Storms_Adam Csaszi

Ádám Császi

Ádám Császi has a Master’s Degree in English literature and is currently studying filmmaking in Hungary. Before directing his first feature film, LAND OF STORMS (2014), Császi directed short films that have been screened and awarded around Europe. Land of Storms, which tells the love story of two Hungarian athletes, is a film of deep emotions… Read Ádám Császi »


Agneta Fagerström Olsson

Agneta Fagerström Olsson (1948) is a Swedish director-writer. She has produced for example television thriller films based on Henning Mankel’s and Liza Marklund’s detective stories. Here at HIFF we will see film FLOCKING (2015) that she produced together with Annika Hellström. Flocking won the best prize in the competition Generation 14plus… Read Agneta Fagerström Olsson »


Alanté Kavaïté

Alanté Kavaïté (b. 1973) began her film career in 1992 with her acting performance in the film Jazz by Raimundas Banionis. She emigrated from Lithuania to Avignon, France and later to Paris to study in the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, specializing in photography and video art. After her debut film Fissures she returned to… Read Alanté Kavaïté »


Alex Boden

Alex Boden is a British film producer, who will visit Helsinki with his film PULP: A FILM ABOUT LIFE, DEATH & SUPERMARKETS. Boden is the founder and co-owner of the production company Pistachio Pictures, which has produced many award-winning films since 1999. Boden also has experience in selling and distributing films, and he likes thrillers in… Read Alex Boden »


Alex Noyer

The originally Finnish Alex Noyer is a producer living in London. He founded his production company You Know Films in 2004, and is specialized in producing documentaries about the cultural field. The documentary New York Influence City, written and produced by Noyer was screened on PBS- ja Sky Arts -channels. That particular documentary led Noyer… Read Alex Noyer »


Alex Ross Perry

Director, scriptwriter and actor Alex Ross Perry (b. 1984) has studied and made a career in New York, and he seamlessly falls into the dialogue-heavy tradition of east coast filmmakers. Perry’s long feature debut Impolex (2009) had a budget of 15 000 dollars. His second film The Color Wheel (2011) began a trilogy of relationship-themed films… Read Alex Ross Perry »


Alexander Dunn

Alexander Dunn is a London-based director, producer and editor. He has worked with television and advertising for over 10 years. He is coming to Helsinki to present his debut feature film, the documentary 808. The films tells the story of the instrument that changed the music world completely: The Rolant TR-808 drum machine. Dunn got to interview… Read Alexander Dunn »


Amber Fares

In the aftermath of 9/11 Lebanese Canadian Amber Fares left her career in business to deepen her understanding of the life in the Middle East. Born and educated in Canada, Fares was a co-founder of SocDoc Studios, a company that produces film about social issues. Fares’ debut short film Ghetto Town toured the festivals in 2009, and the subject of… Read Amber Fares »

Cherry Tobacco_Andres_Maimik

Andres Maimik

Andres Maimik (born in 1970) studied at Tartu Art College and the Estonian Institute of Humanities. He graduated from Tallinn Pedagogical University in 2009 with a degree in directing documentaries. He has worked as a journalist, film director and editor, scriptwriter and copywriter. He comes to HIFF with his newest film CHERRY TOBACCO, which he… Read Andres Maimik »