Busan Still (52)

Asian Cuts

The Asian Cuts section features films from Japan, Korea, India, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore. Sion Sono surprises with an absurd…

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Gala Films

The Opening Film, the Finnish Film Gala, the Love & Anarchy Gala and the Closing Film — these are the pearls that shine the brightest. This…

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Drifters4∏Nadja Hallstrom

Nordic Gems

A Swedish poet is forced to work at a car factory, a Norwegian chess master is putting himself to the game, the Danish alcohol-loving war hero…

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Short Films

The short film program of HIFF is a diverse collection of shorts from all around Europe, representing fiction, documentary, animation and…

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Michael Peña as Bob Bolano and Alexander Skarsgård as Terry Monroe in WOE by John Michael McDonagh-poster  copy


Alexander Skarsgård plays bad cop in Jean Michael McDonagh’s buddy comedy War on Everyone, and the Puccio family gets violent in El Clan…

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