August B. Hanssen


  • Ida’s Diary, 2014
  • Pushwagner, 2011
Ida is a young Norwegian woman, struggling with a very turbulent emotional life caused by emotionally unstable personality disorder (borderline). For the last eight years, Ida has kept a video diary in order to ease her mind and structure her thoughts. In her diary we get a unique insight into a world of fear and anxiety, but also precious moments of everyday victories and self-discovery. Most importantly we get to witness her powerful struggle towards self-acceptance and a genuine appreciation of life. Ida’s Diary is a film about hope, about finding your own identity and daring to live. Production notes I’ve tried to make a film that focus less why people hurt themselves or why they have mental issues. Rather I’ve tried to make a film that shows what leading a life like Ida’s actually feels like. August B. Hanssen I accidentally showed my friend some of my old video