• lucjacquet

    Luc Jacquet

    Luc Jacquet (born 1967) is a French film director and screenwriter. His first feature March of the Penguins (2004) won an Academy Award for best documentary and his latest work as a director, Ice and the Sky (2015), was the closing film at Cannes. Filmography: Ice and the Sky, 2015 Once Upon a Forest, 2013 The Fox & the Child, 2007 March of the Penguins, 2004

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  • Franco_Wenders

    Wim Wenders

    Filmografia: Every Thing Will Be Fine, 2015 The Salt of the Earth, 2014 Pina, 2011 Palermo Shooting, 2008 Don’t Come Knocking, 2005 Land of Plenty, 2004 The Soul of a Man, 2003 Ode to Cologne: A Rock ‘N’ Roll Film, 2002 The Million Dollar Hotel, 2000 Buena Vista Social Club, 1999 Willie Nelson at the Teatro, 1998 The End of Violence, 1997 Lumière and Company, 1995 Trick of the Light, 1995 Lisbon Story, 1994 Faraway, So Close!, 1993…

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  • 8I4A2316.CR2

    Denis Villeneuve

    Denis Villeneuve, born in 1967, is a Canadian script writer and a director. His films have been awarded a number of times in Canada, and his direction Incendies (2010) was also the Canadian candidate to compete for an Academy Awards nomination in the category of Best Foreign Picture. Filmography: Sicario, 2015 Enemy, 2014 Prisoners, 2013 Incendies, 2010 Polytechnique, 2009 Maelström, 2000 Un 32 août sur terre, 1998

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  • Bercot

    Emmanuelle Bercot

    Emmanuelle Bercot (born 1967) is a French filmmaker who is known for her work as a director and as an actress. Her latest work as a director, Standing Tall (2015), was selected as the opening picture at Cannes and Mon roi (2015) earned her the award for best actress at the same festival. Filmography: Standing Tall, 2015 On My Way, 2013 Backstage, 2005 Clément, 2001

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  • ElmoNuganen

    Elmo Nüganen

    Elmo Nüganen (born 1962) is an Estonian stage and film director. He is known for his work as the artistic director of Tallinn City Theatre as well as directing film Names in Marble (2002) that deals with the Estonian Liberation War events. Filmography: 1944, 2015 Names in Marble, 2002

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  • director_producer_Joonas_Berghäll

    Joonas Berghäll

    Joonas Berghäll (born 1977) is a Finnish film director and producer. He is known for directing Steam of Life (2010), a documentary which won domestic and international awards and was screened at numerous film festivals around the world. Filmography: Mother’s Wish, 2015 Steam of Life, 2010 Freedom to Serve, 2004

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