Ice and the Sky (2015)

”I have loved great rivers of ice, lagoon, villages at the edge of the desert. I have loved the primordial forests of the Americas. But I believe what I have loved most is man and his ability to surpass himself in extreme climates. (…) My name is Claude Lorius and I am 82 years old. I have devoted my life to the search of knowledge. (…) Now that you – like me – know, what do you intend to do?”

Claude Lorius

Jacquet brings a (…) heavy directorial hand to bear on the very worthy subject of Lorius, a sort of Jacques Cousteau of global climate change who remains a spry, hardy adventurer at age 82 (…). We see that Lorius, too, in reams of home-movie footage shot during his many expeditions, beginning in 1956 (…). Two years later, Lorius was headed to Antarctica, where he hunkered down with two other scientists (…). When they weren’t analyzing the frozen tundra of the South Pole, it seems that Lorius and his fellow researchers documented themselves with a zeal to rival today’s YouTube and Instagram mavens, resulting in a wealth of color 8mm and Super 8mm motion-picture film that has been expertly cleaned up and blown up here, offering us an intimate glimpse of life at the bottom of the world.

Scott Foundas, Variety

Director Luc Jacquet will attend the screening of Ice and the Sky at Bio Rex on 25th of September at 4.15 PM. The film is preceded by a climate seminar arranged by the Finnish Ministry of Environment.

  • Orig. title: La Glace et le ciel
  • Country: France
  • Language: French
  • Duration: 89 min
  • Subtitles: English
  • Age limit: S
  • Distribution: Cinema Mondo
  • Print source: Cinema Mondo


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About the director

Luc Jacquet

Luc Jacquet (born 1967) is a French film director and screenwriter. His first feature March of the Penguins (2004) won an Academy Award for best documentary and his latest work as a director, Ice and the Sky (2015), was the closing film at Cannes. Filmography: Ice and the Sky, 2015 Once Upon a Forest, 2013 The Fox & the Child, 2007 March of the… Read Luc Jacquet »