Flocking (2015)

The action picks up in a small, God-fearing Swedish town during a boisterous wedding. Fourteen-year-old Jennifer is among the guests, and like many, she has a bit too much to drink. But days later, after she accuses the popular Alexander of rape the good nature and good will from the wedding evaporate. She does the right thing from start to finish and tells the right people. Though we don’t witness the crime, things seem cut and dried.

Oddly, the police and the courts are not the knuckle draggers here. It is the tight knit community that rallies around Alexander, not Jennifer, and that refuses to believe any such thing could happen in their idyllic town. Slowly, Jennifer becomes the perpetrator. She’s dubbed a “whore” and alienated from who she thought were her friends.

(…) [I]n addition to exploring the social blowback Jennifer is subjected to, Gardeler and Brostrom take a minute to confront the very notion of what rape is and our expectations of how a rape victim is supposed to behave.

Elizabeth Kerr, Hollywood Reporter

Director Beata Gårdeler and producers Annika Hellström and Agneta Fagerström Olsson will be present at the Flocking screenings on Sept 22 and 24.

  • Orig. title: Flocken
  • Country: Sweden
  • Language: Swedish
  • Duration: 110 min
  • Subtitles: English
  • Age limit: K12
  • Distribution: 2afilm
  • Print source: Swedish Film Institute


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About the director

Beata Gårdeler

Filmography: Flocking, 2015 In Your Veins, 2009